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We’re just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide isn’t the answer.

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*furiously tweets uncreative questions*


*furiously tweets uncreative questions*

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April 22,2014

I miss our late nights out.
Our stupid conversations…
The awkward way you would move your body,
The way you would point out constellations.

I miss the constant ding of my phone
When you would text me back.
You had a way with words
That always made me crack.

I miss the way we would kiss…
The way you held me tight.
The way you would bite my lip.
I loved it when we would fight.

I miss how you would challenge me,
How you would make me laugh…
The ways you would reply to me,
You were always my favorite to text.

I miss your adorkableness…
Your stupid little eyes.
The way you lips always mashed perfectly with mine.

I miss hearing your skateboard coming down my street…

I miss how you would text me first…
When you weren’t a dick.
When we were just strangers with no known past or even any regrets.

But now here we are…
Surrounded with our brief history.

I think and ponder bout these events…
While you’re probably jerking off to that other chick you said was “just a friend”

Gosh, you’re such a freak… And the fact I miss you so much… It makes me feel freaking naïve.
mom:who are you laughing with?
me:my laptop

We don’t talk anymore and you don’t seem to care.

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avoiding hate like


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Anonymous asked: I just heard my parents having sex help


Jump off a cliff.

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i wish i was one of those blogs that give people heart attack by reblogging their stuff

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